Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. G. Ulrich Exner

FMH Orthopädische Chirurgie

und Traumatologie


Personal Voluntary Activities in ‚Resource Deprived              Countries‘  (hitherto mostly addressed as ‚developing countries’)           

Since 2001 Professor Exner has spent most of his free time to support Orthopaedics in less  privileged countries, primarily for children with orthopaedic problems:

  1. Tanzania Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation Tanzania,
    CCBRT, Dr. P. Ickler, Dar es Salaam und Synesius Bremgarten

  2. Ukrainia, Lviv, Ostreferat, Prof. Dr. R. Hotz, sj

  3. Mongolia in collaboration with the Swiss Surgical Team, Prof. h.c. Dr. B. Kehrer

  4. Armenia Yerevan Paeditric Orthopaedics, Project SCOPES of the Swiss National Funds in collaboration with Verena Haldi-Brändle and Dr. G. Koloyan

  5. Philippines INTERPLAST Germany e.V., Internationale plastische Chirurgie für Entwicklungsländer, PD Dr. Klaus Exner